Review: Emily in Paris – Season 3

Season one and two of Emily in Paris have been massively entertaining, but the third season might just be the best one yet. The episodes were jam packed with emotions and excitement, and we couldn’t wait to reach the last minute. The cliffhanger was so shocking that we’re having a hard time waiting for the next season. We honestly had no idea that this season was going to blow up like this.

So, here’s why Emily in Paris season 3 is totally worth your time.



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Storyline (Warning: Contains Spoilers)

This section contains spoilers. Please skip it if you haven’t watched this season yet.

This season begins with a difficult choice for Emily. She is given the chance to join Sylvie’s new agency. She has already decided to stay back, but choosing Sylvie would be to betray Madeline who shepherded her career and has been a great mentor. Unable to decide anything, Emily begins working for both of them.

Things get shaky as she juggles between her two work and love life. Alfie’s time to return to London comes nearer, and Gabriel decides to host a party.

Emily gets exposed and confronted by both Madeline and Sylvie over an incident with an American client acquisition, and Emily loses her job as Sylvie fires her. She also has a row with Alfie, which hints that things might be over between them.

Antoine hires Alfie as his Finance manager, so he stays back. On the other hand, Sylvie turns down an offer from Madeline to make it on her own. Emily and Alfie patch up.

Sylvie’s sly attack pushed Madeline and what’s left of Savoir to run out of the office, and she gets her old workspace back. She decides to go back to Chicago… and here’s comes the twist – Emily decides to stay back. She is unemployed for the time being, but picks up the influencer life. But soon Sylvie asks her to join back, and she accepts.

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We get to witness a budding romance in the guise of friendship between Nicolas and Mindy, which, by the end of the season, ends in a disaster. Camille dabbles in an affair while being with Gabriel, and Emily finds it out.

Emily’s career gets more complex as Agence Grateau balances the old-age enmity between Pierre and Gregory Dupree due to the demands of JVMA. Gabriel proposes to Camille and is almost on the verge of getting married, when Camille tells him he doesn’t have to do this, and that she knows that he loves Emily and not her. Alfie is offended and rushes out, leaving Emily’s whole world upside down.

In the end, we get to know that Camille is pregnant with Gabriel’s child.


This season had a more even screen presence for all the characters. Alfie became more prominent and well-rounded, and we got to see the other side of Mindy. We also got a peek into Sylvie’s love life which helped reshape her character in our head. She is definitely much more than just an angry boss at this point.

Camille and Gabriel’s relationship was a pivotal point in this season which also helped both of these characters to grow.

Although Emily went through a lot of ups and downs, her character arc seemed pretty flat to us in this season.

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As with the other two seasons of Emily in Paris, this season was also slightly fast-paced in the last two episodes with too many details jam-packed in them. These two episodes could easily be spread out over four episodes. However, nothing in the first episodes felt dragging, as interesting events took place one after another.


The ending was by far the most shocking of all three seasons combined. We hadn’t anticipated that Alfie would come back to Emily’s life, and was fully hoping that she would get to be with Gabriel. Our emotions definitely went through a roller coaster as we witnessed Camille and Gabriel’s relationship and how it all went downhill.

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Overall Thoughts

Emily in Paris Season 3 had many twists and turns, some even bigger than the twists from the other two seasons. While the season has its controversial moments, it can definitely be a good light-hearted source of entertainment for those having a bad day!

Rating: 4/5



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