Review: Emily in Paris – Season 2

Emily in Paris season 1 managed to set the tone for the following season, and had enough twists to mess up the life of our beloved protagonist. Season 2 picked up right where we’d left off. In this season, Emily manages to tie the loose ends of some of her problems, but new ones arise and complicate her life further. Can she survive in this foreign city? Can she ever call Paris her home?

Here’s what I thought about Emily in Paris, season 2.



The season begins with Emily’s love life falling apart. Things with Gabriel are quite messy, and things go south with Mathieu, too. Her secret with Gabriel unfolds right on her birthday dinner, ruining her friendship with Camille. This also complicates things at work as Emily also works for Camille’s family champagne brand.

Emily befriends her language class partner – a Brit called Alfie – and soon they start hanging out together. This surely turns into a beautiful thing by the end of this season, but my heart aches for Alfie because Emily clearly has feelings for Gabriel. She agrees to a pact with Camille that neither of them should see Gabriel, and would protect this friendship.

Gabriel’s apparent jealousy as he discovers that Emily is involved with Alfie is perhaps one of the cutest moments of this show. Madeline, Emily’s boss from America, tries to meddle in the business of Savoir once again, making things even more complex for Emily.

As usual, all hell breaks loose in the last two episodes, with Alfie confronting Emily about Gabriel, and then confronting Gabriel about Emily, Madeline stepping in to Savoir to take it over, Alfie’s contract ending and him having to return to London, and Sylvie quitting with the entire team, this season has never seen a bigger mayhem.

Emily wants to confront her feelings and tell Gabriel how she truly feels, but finds that Camille has shifted with him. She also has to return to Chicago as Madeline tells her that Savoir is closing, but Emily chooses to stay back in Paris because the city has grown on her. Sylvie opens a new agency, and gives Emily the chance to leave Savoir and join her team.

Emily in Paris ends with yet another cliffhanger as we keep wondering how Emily will tie all the loose ends this time. Will she join Sylvie? What will happen to her and Alfie? Will she ever get over Gabriel? The storyline this season was much more complicated, but they were nothing short of entertaining.


Emily is slowly becoming more French with each season, and her character sees more growth. I believe Gabriel’s character was slightly muted this season. Camille was phenomenal, and so was Alfie. Both of these characters were well-written, and they supplemented the twists well.

We get to see the other characters take shape this season, too. Camille’s family is more involved as Emily is now working for them and they’re also trying to save Camille and Gabriel’s relationship. Mindy’s love life takes a huge chunk of the show, Antoine makes more appearances as he has business with Gabriel, and Sylvie’s backstory, personal life, and love life slowly unfolds, giving us the opportunity to know her a little better. She even started growing on me at one point.


The pace was great throughout the show, but everything is rushed and highly stressful during the last two episodes. But that’s classic Emily in Paris.


Even though rushed, the ending is a complete shocker. Although Sylvie tricking Madeline to quit the office building didn’t make much sense to me. But I guess I was expecting too much from a romcom fiction show.

This season throws Emily into a whirlpool of problems, equal parts of which is personal and equal part profession. This makes the mayhem more balanced. I was definitely curious to know what came next season, and couldn’t wait to begin season 3.

Overall Thoughts

The last two episodes were a little too far-fetched, but the rest of the season does total justice to the hype created by this amazing show. I enjoyed it thoroughly, and want to know what becomes of Emily as she embraces her French life completely.

Rating: 4/5

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